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Don’t forget St. Patrick’s Day

March 3rd, 2011 No comments »

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Social Media – Friends with Gorilla’s

October 7th, 2009 No comments »

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We had a great time with this episode. Funny Social media show. Friends with Gorillas, Tweeting on the road, Effigy video. Gary Vaynerchuck, social guru of the week. Snoopdogg, Gene Simmons, and Lance Armstrong as funny folks to follow. Rick Rolling is fun, and great status updates

Social Media – You’re doing it wrong!

September 29th, 2009 No comments »

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The meme of the week is You’re doing it wrong. Making fun of not quite doing it right. Great visuals on how folks sometimes are not doing things exactly right.

Top stories

The good folks at MIT have created a software program entitled Project “Gaydar” which scans Facebook friends lists and determines if a male subject is homosexual.

Too much time on Facebook may cost a man his Disability Payments. Yep it’s true, Too fatigued to work, but not too fatigued to hang out on Facebook. Not a great idea.

User spending more time on Facebook than on Google. Who is #2? Tune it to find out.

Fran Drescher, Pink, and Paris Hilton are this week’s cool people to follow on Twitter. All fun people with interesting tweets.

Scott Monty is our Social Guru of the Week. Head of Social Media for Ford, Prolific Twittere, Blogger and all around good guy.

Video of the week. This is hilarious. Definitely worth your time. Super Hero – Captain Alpha Male and his version of Twitter.

Adventures in Social Media – thanks Kanye West

September 23rd, 2009 18 comments »

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The hosts of the show Bob Liddle and Gary Davis do it again. This time the extra star is Kanye West who provides entertainment for their show in his own way.

The Facebook Five. Yes, there is a group called the Facebook Five, prison guards who are in trouble for “unauthorized” cyber exchanges about their superiors. You have to be wary of the Facebook Five.

TGI Friday’s Give them credit. They did a Social Media campaign with “Woody” to give a way burgers, unfortunately it took off a little more than they thought it would. Oh well. TGIF’s scrambled and is playing catch up, watch to learn more.

Facebook by the numbers. Startling facts. 6 billion minutes spent on Facebook each day. 14 million videos uploaded each month. 45 million active groups each month including.

Twitter traffic tripled during VMA awards. Thanks #ijustine for that.

Jay-Z live in NYC, Jay-Z did a secret Myspace show. How cool is that.

Brian Solis, is the Social media guru of the week. Author of “Putting the Public back in Public Relations” and “Now is Gone” Now is Gone talks about how businesses learn how to engage Social Media.

Three people to follow on Twitter. AplusK or Ashton Kutcher – he is great and John McCain and Barak Obama. All good stuff.

Meme of the week. is Kanye West. O Boy. We interrupt this Press Release to tell you that Beyonce’s video was the best ever. The World Wide Web is letting Kanye have it. Listen to learn more.

Video of the week is what if Facebook was in real life. How would it be. A truly funny look at how that would be.

The show wraps up great Facebook updates you can use today, and some Tweets that will crack you up.

Adventures in Social Media – Teens in Peril!

September 16th, 2009 10 comments »

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This weeks show is a doozie! Twitter worth 5 billion, Justin Timberlake in movie. Silly story about teens in peril. dumb crook news. Chris Brogan as Social Guru of the week. Arthur the weatherman. Kyle Petty, and funny Facebook Status updates, and some great Tweets. Bob Liddle and Gary Davis have fun on this show.

Adventures in Social Media Eating Iguana

September 9th, 2009 5 comments »

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Burglars use Facebook and Twitter. Interesting that thieves are using Social Media to see what you have, and how to get it. So the deal is, you post on Facebook, you are going out of town, you have also posted pictures of your Plasma TV. Burglars put 2 and 2 together and concoct a heist.

The Republican Party is playing catch up with Social Media, using Twitter and Facebook, they are learning how to connect. Listen to the podcast for commentary.

Arrested for eating Iguana? Yep. a couple of folks were “smart” enough to cook up Iguana “read Illegal” and post it on their Facebook pages. Bad idea.

Fun and inspiring people to follow on Twitter? How about Demi Moore, Punky Brewster, Pete Carroll and Tony Robbins. We discuss them all. Don’t forget the beautiful Kathy Ireland, now a motivator.

Adventures in Social Media has named Leo Laporte of Leoville and This Week in Tech, and the Tech Guy as their Social Guru of the week, learn more about Leo.

Bob and Gary are not scared of anything as witnessed by their “meme of the week” Chuck Norris and the phenomenon that is Chuck Norris. “there is no “ctrl” button on Chuck Norris’s computer. Chuck Norris is always in control.”

The show wraps up with a hilarious video from College Humor and a number of memorable Facebook updates that you can use on your own pages.

Episode 1, Working out the kinks.

September 1st, 2009 3 comments »


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Facebook grew twice as fast as Twitter in July was discussed, the speed of the growth of Facebook is something to notice, and Facebook is the 4th largest site in the world according to the Washington Post.

The Feds, meaning Obama and his gang used Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to garner public opinion on their ill advised Air Force One photo op flyover of Manhattan. Good use of Social Media? We think so.

Facebook found the Bicycle Thief. ABC News reported the story of the bicycle stolen in Brooklyn, and recovered. Good feel good story here.

A lady has her laptop stolen, and the thief has the nerve to taunt her on her OWN Facebook account. Hilarious story, of a thief with a sense of humor.

How about some funny Facebook terms. Face-Brag, Face-Googles, Twitface and more. Don’t be one of these. See the video for full explanations of all the above.

Most Twitter Feeds Just Nonsense. Really? All those tweets are not absolutely time sensitive and crucial to your day to day lives? The numbers are not too surprising.

The show talks about a couple who met on Facebook who are now getting married who have the exact same name, the show some of the funniest bits on the internet, and a great video of the week.

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Episode #1 is coming!!!

August 28th, 2009 No comments »

OK, episode #1 is coming. cool stories. video. funny stuff. Gary Davis, Bob Liddle This is a must watch.  You will be able to say you saw the first ever published Adventures in Social Media.

In Pre Production.

August 10th, 2009 2 comments »

Not an inappropriate title to this post.  We are getting ready for the taping of our first episode, and cannot wait!!!  Many killer stories out there about Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed and the works.  We will be bringing it to you!